quality of pharmaceuticals

Have you ever wondered the quality of pharmaceuticals?

Have you ever wondered the quality of pharmaceuticals you consumed?

Set aside the chemical compositions which are highly regulated, many may ignore or overlook the importance of its packaging.  There are several aspects of the packaging of a pharmaceutical product that are aimed at ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals by the time it arrive to the hands of the consumers.  How will the packaging affects you?

quality of pharmaceuticals

Quote from a publication of World Health Organization (WHO), quality assurance is defined as “the totality of the arrangements made with the object of ensuring that pharmaceutical products are of the quality required for their intended use”. In addition, the system of quality assurance for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products should ensure that “arrangements are made for the manufacture, supply and use of the correct starting and packaging materials”.    However, is that ‘Correct’ arrangement equivalent to that the ‘Best’? What do you think?

Packaging is supposed to provide protection against all sorts of adverse external influences, such as biological contamination, moisture, light, oxygen and even tampering, at the highest degree possible.

Furthermore, the packaging (especially Primary Packaging, which in direct contact with the pharmaceuticals) must be able to preserve the physical and characteristic properties of all dosage forms, as per specifications compliance.

Aluminium collapsible tube is ideal as primary packaging for pharmaceutical creams, ointments (with suitable viscosity) and gels.  As for stability wise, aluminium collapsible tube is always a preferred choice.  Nonetheless, quality of products over its usage life span is more important for long term business success rather than short term gain. Do you think so?

Photo: Pharmaceutical creams, ointments and gels packaging with aluminium collapsible tubes produced by TUBEPAC Sdn.Bhd.

Reference: World Health Organization WHO Technical Report Series, No. 902, 2002